Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Die-Cut and Photo storage

I have several types of die cut machines...a Cricut Expression, Cuttlebug and a Zip-E-Mate. I started out with the Zip-E-Mate, which has now been discontinued, but I still love it.  I purchased the cuttlebug so I could have a current machine with replaceable parts (plus it's easier to travel with), and the Cricut was a gift, and I love it! :) 

There are several places I store all my supplies for my die cut machines. At my stamping station, I store my long cricut 12x24 mat hung on one of the 3M hooks.

In the cabinet just below my stamping station are my 12x12 cricut mats. This is where I also store my crop totes, croper hopper file folders and long stencils.

My Zip-E-Mate is stored in this drawer just to the left of my stamping station. This drawer is under my cardstock cabinet.

My Cricut Expression and the Cuttlebug both sit on top of the bookshelf and are plugged in and ready to use right where they are.

This section is just to the left of the door to my kitchen. It houses my machine dies, Cricut cartridges, idea books, photos, etc. I found the tall black cabinet at Hobby Lobby and originally thought it would hold my 12x12 papers, but the cubbies are a little short for my Cropper Hopper folders, so I store my idea books in the top and use the wider bottom cubbies for my machine dies.

Here are my idea books:

My machine cutting dies are stored in a silver tray I found at Goodwill. It is made by IKEA, but I haven't been able to find these locally at my store. The large dies are stored standing up on their sides with labels showing, and my cutting plates and shims are stored behind those.

My smaller dies are stored in this Snapware case. It has a green lid so I can easily see that this stack is for my green Cuttlebug machine.

The top section of this stack holds my Cuttlebug embossing folders--both the larger A2 size and the smaller sizes along with the embossing borders.

The second section down holds my thin dies. I am able to easily flip through to find the shape or alphabet I'm looking for.

The third section down holds my platform mats for my Cuttlebug die cut machine.

The fourth stack down holds my sets of Nestabilities. I have these stored in a plastic pencil case and they are stored on magnets attached to chipboard. I labeled the back of each set with the set name and numbered the set from the smallest to largest shape, so they are easy to use and then store away.

This blue stack of Snap 'N Stack (sometimes also called Snapware) holds my Cricut supplies. I purchase these holders from Joann's Crafts and Target.

I found the idea for creating these dividers from this site.  I liked how she created the dividers with the plastic canvas. The only thing I did differently was to take some crochet thread and "stitch" the corners of the dividers together so that they did not come apart when I pulled cartridges in and out. Now the dividers are all one piece and they stay put really well.

My tools are stored in the section just below the cartridges. I did remove my cricut tools from the holders so I could use them quickly and also store my liquid glue in the same section, but the green zippered tool holder did fit into this section.

My cord for the Design Studio is stored in the 3rd level down along with some other misc. shapes cut from my cricut.

The bottom section is the deeper ribbon holder from the set and I use it to store my booklets and keyboard pads for the cricut.

The nice part about this storage system is that you can always add more layers as needed and customize it to meet your needs.

Now on to photo storage, I use the 4 drawer Jetmax cubes from Michaels. They hold 4x6 photos perfectly, and I store them in separate drawers by year or theme.

I made dividers with cardstock and homemade tabs. I was able to write the month and year on a tab, or include details from a special trip or other theme.

I also store some of my photos in the Cropper hopper photo storage boxes when I have multiple photos from one event. My 5x7 photos are stored sideways in a drawer all together and I make a note that I place in with the regular 4x6 photos, so I know to look in that drawer also for any larger pictures. My 8x10 size photos are stored in a Cropper Hopper vertical file in a cabinet nearby.

If you have any questions of these storage ideas, please leave me a comment.  The next post will include my embellishment drawers and printer area storage.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Paper Storage, Flowers, Tools and more

Ok--I think my second love (or obsession) after stamps is paper. I love patterns and mixing them on my pages. And I think I love collecting them even more...my goal this year is to use up a good amount of my papers and really crank out more layouts. I'm hoping now that my space is completed that I will have more time to actually work on layouts instead of doing all this organizing! :)

We'll start off with my pattern paper. It's located in this cabinet behind the 2nd set of doors down.

My pattern paper is sorted by color for the most part. I use the Cropper Hopper vertical files and love being able to flip through the papers and patterns. I have a file for each color (Red/Pink, Orange/Yellow, Green/Blue/Purple, Brown/Black/Neutrals) and within each color section, I have grouped the various patterns in order (such as polka dots, stripes, plaids/diamonds, florals, etc). There are also files that have multi colored categories such as jewel tones, pastel, and brights. Basically I file patterns in these categories if there is more than one dominant color.

I also have files for certain themes (Vintage, ledgers & numbers, alphabets, words, girl and boy, holidays and a few other specific themes such as calendar, cooking, music, travel, etc). Then I have some files that have my favorite manufacturers together (Basic Grey, Cosmo Cricket, etc). For my stacks, I have them labeled with a sharpie marker on the spines and they are on the far right end. I know what patterns are in these stacks and can easily access them. When the stacks get used more, I break them up and file the patterns into the appropriate places. My pattern paper scraps are stored in 12x12 sterilite drawers under my desk (also sorted by color).Just under my pattern paper in the IKEA cabinet in the open shelf are my stamps. The doors underneath that shelf also hold some other important goodies. :)

This is a wooden box I purchased at Goodwill. I'm not sure what it was used for originally, but it has dowels dividing the sections (similar to a coke crate but much bigger). I had these black buckets I purchased from Target and repurposed them for my scrapbook room. These hold my flowers by color. I have separated the flower types and grouped them into baggies, then labeled them with their manufacturer's name. This is where I store my larger flowers and the buckets are easy to pull out of the box and then pull over to my workspace.My smaller flowers (mostly Prima ones) are separated by color also, but I used small plastic jars from Making Memories and an old rack that I have used many times for many different things over the years. They hold the flower bottles easily and I'm able to quickly get the color I need. This rack hangs on the wall next to the laundry doors right beside the stamp and pattern paper cabinet. The other paper cabinet is to the left of my stamp area.

On the very top, I have my crochet threads stored in a basket. The top closed door section holds an assortment of items (see labeled photo, below).
The next set of doors down is where my cardstock is stored, again by color. I also have several files for glittered/shimmery cardstock and specialty cardstock, such as vellum, glossy, metallic, embossed etc. This is the open section under my cardstock storage. My cardstock scraps are stored here, along with some other items.Just below that open area is a narrow drawer where I store most of my tools.This is the next drawer down, where I keep my liquid glues and some other tools I use when I teach classes. The very bottom drawer in this cabinet is a set of hanging files where I keep my kids' school papers and other scrapbook items I want to use in their albums for the year.Right across from this cabinet is a bookshelf that was made by my dad many years ago. This has been repurposed throughout the house many times, but I love using it in my scrap room and somehow it always finds it's way back home to my room. :) Right next to it is a cabinet with a set of 4 drawers that my dad made when I was little to hold baby clothes for my dolls and I keep office supplies in those drawers. I store many different things on this bookshelf. On top of the bookshelf itself, I keep my Cricut Expression and my Cuttlebug. On the first shelf, I keep my rolodexes with layout sketches and card sketches. These are divided by number of photos on the layout and are very easy to use in layout kits. I pull the card out as I need it and place it in a ziplock bag with my photos and any papers I think I may use on that layout. On the 2nd shelf, I store my 6x6 pattern paper pads in a basket along with my adhesives and photos I currently am working with in another basket. The bottom shelf holds vinyl for my cricut and a tote I use for embellishments, etc when I'm teaching classes or going to a crop.
This sums up my paper storage along with the other things I store in those same shelving units. My next post on Monday will cover my die-cut storage.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stamping Station

This is my favorite part of my new room.... a dedicated stamping space! :)
From the overview post, my stamping station is in the center of the wall that is against the garage. I have a center counter space with the Ikea cabinets on each side. Above my counter, I hung some Elfa shelving.
At the top of the elfa shelves are some sterilite white plastic drawers. Most of these are empty right now, but a few of them do have some stamping items in them. I store my embossing powders, flock and heat tool in one drawer.

Another couple of drawers hold my mini wooden alphabet stamp sets:

These green cases fit 4 to a drawer and they are actually ammunition cases from the hunting section. It's much easier to grab the little stamps when they are separated out in these cases. I also keep track of the alphabets by coloring the tops of the wood with a permanent marker. This makes it easy to see which alphabet goes where when I'm using the letters.Here's the details from these ammunition boxes. These fit 3 of the little wooden $1 sets from Michaels by Studio G.
These large wooden stamps are all background stamps and are the only ones I haven't unmounted and stored with all my other stamps. I like how well they stamp when they are left on their original blocks. The clear acrylic holder is another freebie from my friend Barb. :) Works perfectly for stacking these items so they are easily visible and accessible. When it comes to the woodmount stamps, I use what I can see. I also have my 7 gyspies self-inking stamps here too.On my countertop, I have my inkpads stored in an antique coke crate from the area where my mom grew up. I actually have it screwed into the wall so it doesn't fall off, and the inkpads are stacked inside according to color/type of ink.Next to the coke crate, I have a shelf that I found at Goodwill. Not sure what it was originally used for, but it fits these little white containers perfectly (from Dollar Tree). I store reinkers and small inkpads in here along with my alcohol inks.These are in the base cabinet just below my counter surface. I like to keep everything I'd need handy so I don't have to search for anything when I'm stamping. One drawer stores my blocks and some often used tools.The other drawer stores my blending supplies and more reinkers, along with other misc stamping stuff. The red box in the back of this drawer is another ammo box with another wooden alphabet stamp set.The majority of my stamps are stored in the pink and black baskets just to the right of my counter in the open space in this cabinet:They are broken up into categories and I store them on transparencies inside of page protectors. For the details on how the stamps are stored, see this post. And to see how I unmount my stamps and use them on my acrylic blocks, see this post.

I am a rebel I guess and I LOVE my stamps when the sets are broken up...I'm able to see what I have in one glance and if I need to know what stamps came in what set, I have binders that have either scanned images of each stamp set or stamped images of each stamp set. All of these are sorted by manufacturer.

I made tabs with scrap cardstock and the McGill tab punch. These tabs have each manufacturer in alphabetical order and they are glued onto 8 1/2 x 11" cardstock and hole punched to create the divider pages.
The individual pages are made from regular printer paper which is hole punched, then I scan and cut out the images of the stamps and glue them under the correct manufacturer.These binders sit on the shelf right next to my stamp baskets, so it's really easy to keep track of what I have and where it is. I also mark where the stamps are located in their separate categories, so it's easy to find a single stamp. And on the back of my stamp transparencies, I have a stamped image with the manufacturer listed there, so it's an easy cross reference that way too.

I think that's about it for my stamps....

Next post will be my paper storage. :)